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*Over 6 years of Math tutoring experience and dozens of very happy students and families.* *Verifiable record of helping students behind *increase up to 40%* and those ahead *achieve excellence (95%+)* in their yearly averages, unmatched by most other tutors.* By focusing on identifying weaknesses and gaps in knowledge, and addressing them as soon as possible in our lessons with targeted homework, I'm able to bring my students to levels of achievement and confidence they didn't think were possible before. Teaching Math is a true passion for me and thus can offer all students a wealth of fresh, current experience than is rare to find: 25+ regular students, 80+ past students, 2400+ hours of tutoring experience.

Verifiable Testimonials (please feel free to ask for details):
"Hi Andrew, I got my first preference, I'm very happy with the results. Thank you again for all the great work you did with me" Ahmed, Bachelor of Computer Science - University of Adelaide
"Thank you very much for everything Andrew, ATAR and Math results were great, I was admitted to my first degree choice" Ayla, Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) - University of Adelaide
"My son was admitted to the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide with A+ in Math Specialist and Studies, thank you Andrew" Umesh, father of Swapnil
"I got my results which got to be a place in the Bachelor of Architectural Design and I'll be starting next month. Thank you very very much for your help" Fred, University of Adelaide
"I got A+ and A in Methods and Specialist last year and this year!! My scores were nearly perfect, thank you Andrew!!" Jill, year 12, Tranmere
"Hi Andrew, I just received my exam result, got 93%, a high distinction. Thank you so much for your help!" Natalia, Bachelor of Mathematics, UniSA
"I passed the ADF test! Thank you for your help Andrew" Derek, Modbury
"Hi Andrew, just wanted to let you know I passed my CSPA test, thank you so much for everything!" Shelley, TAFE SA
"Andrew turned around my son from hating Maths to being the student who helps the kid next to him. He is always keen to go to his lesson and shows a concentration level I never dreamed of. I receive updates on my son's progress and feel that Andrew is as personally invested in his education as we are. I recommend Andrew very highly" Heidi, Cherry Gardens
"My son and I are grateful for Andrew's Math tutoring. He has helped him achieve excellent results in just one term, his marks have increased over 30% and has started getting the best results in his class." Lyn, mum of Shaun, year 11 General Maths student
"Jess was very happy with your lesson. She found you much more patient that her teachers, and liked the way you went into the background to explain things better. She is relieved to find a tutor who can help her confidence as well as do the Math. Thank you. Looking forward to the next lesson" Betty, mum of Jess, year 11 Math Methods student
"Thank you so much Andrew, our son has gone from 40s-50s to 70s-90s!" Mike, Trinity Gardens
"His Math's grades have improved drastically, my friend's daughter also got much higher grades with you" Jason, Magill
"Trent went from C to B in just one term, thank you Andrew" Sue, Marion
"My son's marks went from 50% to 80% in two weeks, amazing!" Karen, Adelaide CBD
"I'm finally getting 85%+ and still improving, Andrew's been so helpful and encouraging" Anthony, y9, Campbelltown
"Robbie doesn't hate Maths anymore, he's actually enjoying the subject now and getting As and Bs after Cs-Es since primary school" Lilian, Goodwood
"Thanks Andrew my grades are up 20% I'm much more confident now" James, year 9, Adelaide CBD


We can have the lessons at the venue of your choice, tutoring at public libraries comes with a discount, I usually meet students at the State Library and libraries at Adelaide CBD, Burnside, Unley, Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide Uni CBD and UniSA CBD campuses.


I have an extensive highly rigorous background in Math and extensive experience as an educator with students lagging and already doing well, from various backgrounds, with different attitudes and expectations, and I'm able to coach them all not only to achieve better understanding and marks but also greater confidence and enjoyment of the subject.

My work is based on the following tenets:
Thorough comprehension with crystal-clear explanations.
Smart practice where exercises are constantly adapted to the students' current level so they stay motivated.
Instructional scaffolding, which promotes deeper learning and reduces failure and frustration.
Constant monitoring and feedback of the student's progress.

Subjects and tests I can help you with:
Naplan Math
ACER/IGNITE Scholarship Mathematical & Abstract Reasoning
Australian Curriculum years 3-10
SACE Essential, General, Methods & Specialist Mathematics
IB years 3-10
IB Math Studies SL, SL & HL
Math university subjects
UMAT, STAT, ADF, CSPA, GMAT tests: Complete Personalised Preparation for all the sections of each test. Extensive bibliography, test taking strategies and sample questions.

Feel free to contact me (*please text if call not replied, I may be tutoring*) at 0434 768 100 or 0424 768 593 and start improving your Math today! Best regards, Andrew


Straight A+ in Math in High School, straight A in Math in university.
Graduated Bachelor of Engineering from PUCP, the top university in Peru, with 7% admission rate (comparable to medicine programs in Australia, or typical admission rates in Ivy League universities (Harvard, Princeton, etc) in the USA) and 60% completion rate.
Also hold a Msc Economics and a PGDip Finance.

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