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We all get confused at least once a term (but probably way more) during maths class. Maths can seem hard at first, but it doesn't have to be for long. All you need to do to see some improvement is learn from a second voice - one with a slightly different method of approach than school - coming from YOUR perspective.

Teachers can only do so much while catering for an entire class. I can tell you from experience that it helps tremendously to learn from someone who knows what it all feels like and can teach you key concepts in a more simplified way.

Because maths follows you all the way through school, doing as well as you can is very important if you are aiming for a higher OP/ATAR score. The earlier you start preparing the better.

I am offering tutoring services for grades 6-11, and Year 12 maths B. Sessions are available Saturdays from 10am and Sundays from 1pm.

For me I found it very beneficial to study with a few friends around my skill level because often times someone would ask a question that was on everyone's minds but we just didn't think to ask. This might be worth a try too.

I can come to your home or we could go to a library (like SLQ) and have a session there.

If you just need a hand with an assignment I can help with that too, rate/price is negotiable.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone, and I look forward to speaking to you soon :)


For groups, the rate will start at $20/hr for 2 students ($25/hr for Year 11/12) and just $15/hr for 3 or more ($20/hr for Year 11/12)
For private tutoring the rate will be $35/hr, $40/hr for Year 11/12.


Around 1 year tutoring experience outside school, many more years helping out friends while at school


I am a pre-medical student currently studying the Bachelor of Science at the University
of Queensland.
I graduated from Brisbane Grammar School (top school in Queensland) with an OP1 in 2014 (above 99 ATAR) and was a very high achieving maths student.

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