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At Elite Tutoring College we specialise in HSC and high school tuition for NESA and IB, however we can also cater to primary students as well.

We provide tutoring in most major subjects, including:

* English & EAL/D (ESL) – All levels: NESA (Primary to Year 12), IB (Diploma, Middle Years, Primary Years Programmes)

* Maths – All levels: NESA (Primary to Year 12), IB (Diploma, Middle Years, Primary Years Programmes)

* Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science – All levels: NESA (Primary to Year 12), IB (Diploma, Middle Years, Primary Years Programmes)

* Economics, Business Studies, Business Management, Legal Studies – All levels: NESA (Years 11 to 12), IB (Diploma Programme)

* Latin – All levels: NESA (Years 7 to 12), IB (Diploma, Middle Years Programmes)

* History – All levels: NESA (Years 7 to 12), IB (Diploma, Middle Years Programmes)

* IELTS Test Preparation

Because we have links to numerous tutors and teachers, we’re often also able to arrange lessons in other subjects as well. Contact us and let us know what you need, chances are we’ll be able to help you.

We offer our lessons on an effective, fully-featured Zoom online tutoring platform.

Elite Tutoring College was established in 2005 and provides personalised, one-on-one and small group tutoring to NSW school students and IB students that is individually tailored. We don’t force students to follow a set syllabus, but rather focus on what each individual needs most help with.

We can cater for all major NESA and IB subjects, but we’re small enough to be able to interact with students on a personal level. In fact, we’re on a first-name basis with all of our students and their parents. That means you can comfortably discuss your specific needs or any concerns with us, at any time. You’ll never be “lost in the system”.

For 15 years, our TOP TUTORS have been providing face-to-face and online personal tuition to students in Sydney, to help them maximise their grades and excel academically. And it’s our amazing level of success that has allowed us to be in business for so long.

* Our tutors are from diverse backgrounds – from university undergraduates, to specialist tutors, to high school teachers, to doctorate degree holders. This allows us to provide you with the perfect tutor for your specific needs.

* We strive to provide the very best resources and lessons to help you overcome any difficulties and accelerate your learning. Our mission is to achieve the best possible results for you and allow you to reach your fullest potential.

* Our lessons follow the relevant syllabus, yet are personalised to your specific needs for maximum effectiveness.

* Attention is given to exams and assessment tasks.

* You will be motivated and encouraged to proactively learn at your own pace.

* Regular practice and homework materials are supplied to reinforce all concepts learned in the lessons.

* Study and exam techniques are studied to help you overcome stress and tackle exams effectively.

We have been highly successful in helping students reach top placings and our passion is to help make learning fun and enjoyable for them.

Getting started with your online tuition is easy . . .

1) Get in touch – drop us a message here in Tutor Finder, on our website, or give us a call.

2) We’ll discuss your needs over the phone and what kind of tutor would suit you best.

3) Book a single lesson – we won’t ask you to commit to anything more up front. Try a single lesson, then when you’re comfortable with everything, including your tutor, you can sign up for the term.

4) Before your first lesson, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief online enrollment form.

5) Start your lessons!

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Secondary lessons from $47.50 per hour.
Our lesson rates vary depending on:
- The lesson subject
- The year and level of the subject
- The lesson duration (1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours)
- The level of the tutor
- One-on-one or small group lesson

Please contact us for a quote on your tutoring requirements. Rest assured that you'll speak with someone friendly, informative and helpful - and definitely not pushy!


Elite Tutoring College has successfully been providing private tuition to students since 2005.

Our tutors' levels of experience vary from 1 year to over 30 years, so we have someone to suit every student's requirements and budget.


We have tutors available ranging from recent graduates, to high-school teachers, to HSC markers, to tutors with Ph.D.'s and/or over 30 years of experience, each of which is a specialist in his or her subject(s).

All of our tutors are experienced private tutors and have passed our rigorous selection criteria. We usually accept less than 20% of the tutors that we actually agree to interview for positions with us.

Because of the varied backgrounds of our tutors we have someone available to suit every student's requirements and budget.

contact me
per hour
  • Usually responds within 1-2 days
  • Replies to most enquiries
  • Business & Finance
    • Economics
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
  • Science
    • Physics
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
    • Chemistry
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
    • Biology
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
  • Social Science
    • History
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
    • Legal Studies
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
  • English
    • English
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary
    • ESL
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary
    • IELTS
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary, tertiary
  • Language
    • Japanese
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, secondary
    • Latin
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary
  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary
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