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Well experienced Math tutor with up-to-date police check. ✓
Marks raised considerably in most cases. ✓
Plenty of very positive current references. ✓
Students both lagging and ahead of the class are welcome. ✓
Very reasonable rates and flexible schedules. ✓
Approachable, knowledgeable, didactic, fun. ✓
Primary, High School, SACE/IB, Tafe, University tuition. ✓

With great passion for Mathematics and education, and coming from a family of Engineers and Teachers, I combine the best of both worlds to provide the best explanations, strategies and real world applications. The objective with all my students is to help them progress rapidly and increase their grades consistently; improvements of 20-30+% within 2 weeks of starting lessons are not uncommon among them. *Each of my students' studies and outcomes are MY OWN TOP PRIORITY*. Having tutored Mathematics for over five years, I am very confident with different attitudes towards the subject, learning styles and levels of academic achievement, and not only explain the topics in a fully comprehensible, tried-and-tested step-by-step way, but make sure my students grow in self-assurance and commitment as well. Furthermore, I do understand the economic and time investment of hiring a tutor and offer each student a completely personalised study plan precisely tailored to your current academic needs. Regular 2+ hours/week of tuition results in at the very least a consistent B+, and in most instances A, A+. Previous work experience in telecom and mining companies and postgraduate studies in the UK and USA allow me to offer a more well-rounded tutoring experience.


Over the years I have developed my own method which allows me to achieve repeated success with virtually all my students. It consists essentially of 3 stages:

(1) Understanding: The topics are delivered paying attention to the students’ own needs and current level of expertise, adjusting wording, level of detail and complexity so that *full understanding is achieved every time with every student*.
(2) Explaining: Examples are presented and students are encouraged to explain the rationale in their own words, essential to consolidate understanding and strengthen communication/presentation skills.
(3) Applying: Students use their newly acquired knowledge in problems of progressively higher level and varied use of the Mathematical concepts. No time is wasted, every exercise is meant to teach the student a different lesson that contributes to their academic advancement.

My approachable, easy going nature, coupled with very high expectations towards all my students are also key in helping me achieve top-rate results time and again, regardless of the students' previous grades, attitudes or study skills.

These are the subjects and tests I can help you with:

Naplan Math
ACER/IGNITE Scholarship Mathematical & Abstract Reasoning
Australian Curriculum years 3-10
Year 11 SACE Essential, General, Methods & Specialist Mathematics
Year 12 SACE Essential, General, Methods & Specialist Mathematics
IB years 3-10
IB Math Studies SL, Math SL, Math HL

I also tutor Math university subjects, along with Quantitative/Abstract/Diagrammatic Reasoning for tests such as SAT, ADF, GRE, GMAT, please ask me for further details. We can have the lessons at the venue of your choice, tutoring at public libraries comes with a discount, I usually meet students at the Adelaide CBD Libraries, State Library, Burnside Library, Campbelltown Library, Tea Tree Gully Library, Payneham Library, St Peters Library, Prospect Library, Unley Library.

Feel free to contact me at 0434 768 100 and start improving your Maths today! Best regards, Andrew

contact me
per hour
  • Usually responds within 1-2 days
  • Replies to most enquiries
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