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Who am I: My name is Daniel and I'm currently my own (typically one-on-one) private tutoring, Sistematic Academia.
What's on offer and why: I'm currently offering to tutor maths at an affordable rate for those who really need the help. For sure everyone has the ability to learn even if one or others don't think they're smart, bright or intelligent. I compare myself to my classmates and notice for sure that people learn in different ways (and in different amounts). We want to revolutionise how one learns by making it as something social, fun and interactive while getting something out of it. Through a lot of practice, we want to make things that seem hard as easier. As we had to struggle with learning and understanding acquired/required knowledge, we want to patiently help make learning better for strugglers and face our problems differently. I'd also help for mentoring, learning advanced and exam preparation.
Time and place: I'm located in Beaumont Hills so I would prefer either at my house, at close-by libraries (Rouse Hill or Castle Hill) or at your location if it is easy to get to by public transport and only if you are the only student on that day. At the moment, I'm currently free on:
• Monday/Thursday 4-9:30pm fortnightly (will be arranged)
• Wednesday 7:30-10pm
• Friday 4-9:30pm
• Saturday/Sunday 9am-2pm
although these availabilities are subject to change due to uni, work and other plans. If there is more than one student on a day, please be considerate to the others.
Levels, lessons and prices: I currently can teach maths from primary till year 12 3 unit [Extension 1] (or even 4 unit [Extension 2] and tertiary; I would need to touch up on topics so possibly inform me on the topic at least 3 days before the lesson). There are no set lessons as of now; we will tailor it and discuss on how we'd like lessons to be run before the first session. The first lesson can be a trial lesson - $3 to $5 off the original price can be paid. After that, full prices are as follows:
• $25 for year 4 to 7,
• $30 for year 8-10,
• $35 for year 11-12
• ($37.50 for tertiary maths)
$3-5 extra will be charged for travel costs to your place or libraries.
More info: I’m currently in my 4th year at UNSW doing my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Masters of Biomedical Engineering. I graduated from Girraween High School in 2014 with an ATAR of 93.55. Currently looking for tutors who'd teach other subjects under the Sistematic Academia label and also in other places (out of my 10km radius). Would be good to help promote and develop the company as a whole.

Contacts: Please email me at sistematic.academia@gmail.com or message me on 0432672987. Check out the Facebook page or at https://sistematicacademia.tumblr.com/.


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I've had five years of tutoring experience with students from year 5-12


Did my HSCs in 2014 ATAR 93.55, currently in my fourth year at UNSW

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  • Language
    • Indonesian
      - beginner, primary
  • Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
      - beginner, intermediate, primary, secondary, tertiary
  • Music
    • Piano
      - beginner, primary
    • Recorder
      - beginner, primary
  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary, tertiary
    • Calculus
      - beginner, intermediate, primary, secondary, tertiary
    • Statistics
      - beginner, intermediate, primary, secondary, tertiary
  • IT
    • Programming
      - beginner, primary, secondary
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