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I'm from Japan, 21 year old. I have a experience teaching Japanese as volunteer in Japan.
When I taught Japanese to American students, I felt many foreign people want to study Japanese, so I would like to teach Japanese in Australia.
I can teach Japanese language, Japanese culture, and history.
I am certain that I would be able to have good relationship with you.
If you want to study Japanese, please contact me. I can see in Brisbane City or around Brisbane City.
When I lived in Japan, I was a member of volunteer group YMCA, also I like children. I was a representative of promotion of blood donation volunteer in Japanese Red Cross Company. I like soccer, sports, music, singing, teaching, volunteer, Japanese history, sightseeing, and travel.
I am looking forward to meeting you.By the way, I'm still a student, so I don't need much money.
Thank you for reading !!


$15 per hour / $25 per 2 hour / $32 per 3 hour


I have a experience teaching Japanese to 2 American students in Japan.
Now, I teach Japanese to 3 people in Brisbane.


I live in Brisbane now, but I would graduate from university in Japan in 2 years.

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