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I'm a friendly and passionate person that makes students learn in a happy atmosphere.
Most of my students back in Taiwan were form AUS or USA. They were all in different levels but I could see them improve a lot if they did finish the homework that I gave.
I taught them basic Chinese characters and sentences for beginner level.
For advance level, we discuss some current international issues, movies, life stuffs, casual talking, etc. Any topic is welcome to be talked during the class.
Anything about the lesson is negotiable (price also negotiable)
I prefer my students tell me which way of teaching will work best on them.


I've been tutoring Chinese (Mandarin) to native English speakers for over 2 years back in Taiwan.
I'm capable of assisting for Chinese assignment and essays if needed.


I just graduated from uni this Jan.
My major is Geography but I also took some classes for teaching Chinese oversea.
I haven't got my certification yet but I already done teaching for a while.

contact me
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  • Social Science
    • Geography
      - beginner, intermediate, primary, secondary
  • Language
    • Chinese Mandarin
      - beginner, intermediate, advanced, primary, secondary, tertiary
  • Self Improvement
    • Study Skills
      - beginner, primary, secondary, tertiary
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  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • Student's home